Rila Mountain’s majestic alpine beauty is charming and enchanting with its over 100 rocky peaks of 2000 metres above sea level and more. Wherever you visit Rila Mountain you will enjoy the beautiful scenery inherited by the last glacial period – more than 200 crystal clear lakes, streams and rivers, valleys and untouched animal and plant species.

The mountain has been inhabited since the prehistoric times the cult and admiration for its beauty has also attracted Ivan Rilski. In its western part he established a holy place for all Bulgarians – the Rila Monastery.

Rila Mountain reveals the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula – Moussala (2925m). Its name is derived from Arabic Mus Allah (holy peak or close to Allah). Moussala also is called the stone where dead people are placed in the mosque. RIla mountain water streams give birth to many rivers, offers the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria (Borovets) and is home to the largest high-altitude lake on the Balkan Penisula – Smradlivo lake.

Rila Mountain is the largest natural reserve in Bulgaria because its beauty deserves to be conserved for all people.




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